Benefits of Mutual Funds
Limited risk

Mutual Funds are diversification in action & hence do not rely on the performance of a single entity.

Easy Investing

You can invest in a Mutual Fund with as little as Rs 500,salaried individuals also have the option of investing a little every month in SIP- Systematic Investment Plan


As an investor you get updates on the value of your units, information on specific investments made by the mutual fund & the fund manager’s strategy & outlook.

Quick access to your money

Should you need your money at short notice, you can usually get in 4 working days.

Low transaction Costs

A mutual fund by the sheer scale of its investments is able to carry out cost-effective brokerage transactions.

Tax benefits

Over the years, tax policies on Mutual funds have been favorable to investors & continue to be so.

Investor protection

A mutual fund in India is registered with the SEBI which also monitors the operations of Mutual Funds to protect your interests.